Here's what I did to FABB.ai:


  • New Feature: "Modes"

  • This is a work in progress--but one can now choose "Pete Mode," which is more geared to producing content that'll be shared OUTSIDE OF SEO.


  • Launched the OAAT editor(!) I worked on this for 5 weeks nonstop :)


  • GPT-4 Turbo is now the default model

  • Moved the "site menu" to the left side of the screen

  • Add a "check WordPress connection" function when adding or editing a site!

  • Fixed lots of .csv upload errors.

  • Added bulk upload capability for links!


Added the long-awaited "Links" feature! SEE DOCS FOR TUTORIAL!


I'm testing an "auto-retry" feature to, well, retry the post if AI errors occur.


Added the NEW OpenAI model, GPT-4 turbo! It has a 128k context window, is better, more relevant, and faster.


  • INSPIRATION URL feature! You can now add a URL that will act as "inspiration" for a post--namely just facts, data, details, features, etc! This feature is experimental, but early testing is yielding great results (and no, it's not directly stealing any content!)

  • Changed the "todo queue" design to be less cluttered (the table columns were getting out of hand).


  • Added an affiliate program on Rewardful!


  • Added the ability to choose your AI model (GPT4 and GPT3.5 for now), with GPT3.5 only using HALF credits in FABB.


  • Added the ability to save a custom STYLE (that is available under the 'style' dropdown)

  • Added a field for a custom prompt to include with a blogging session (AND the ability to save a 'default custom prompt' in the Edit Site page.


  • Fixed formatting: instead of asking ChatGPT for Markdown and then converting it to HTML (for WordPress), the entire process now just generates HTML. This should lead to MUCH fewer annoying formatting issues!


  • Finally fixed the "401 invalid session" error. (When your login cookie expired after 5 days). The cookie now lasts 14 days (pretty standard), and automatically logs you out AND redirects you to the /login page.


  • Implemented "post types!" You can now choose between info, review, and roundup (multi-product) posts. This is a work in progress.


  • Split the conclusion & FAQ into separate steps to make things way faster (and avoids timeout errors)


  • Updated the OpenAI package and code (aka keeping things up to date so hopefully it's faster)


  • Implemented a keyword ordering system! You can now rearrange the post queue.

  • Add credit rollovers! Your monthly credits now rollover, up to a max of 3 month's worth.


  • Lots of smaller bug fixes & cleanup.


  • Fixed the WordPress category error that kept preventing posts from publishing to WP.

  • Implementing post credits in prep for paid beta.


  • Added style/voice, emojis, TL;DR, and FAQ section as OPTIONS!

  • Added "copy backup html" button, just in case something goes wrong!


  • Added a separate table below for posts that have errors!

  • BIG UPDATE. The completed post HTML is now backed up BEFORE sending to WordPress.


  • Added more details to error messages

  • I'm now storing a backup of the completed article HTML (in case an error occurs trying to send to WordPress!) If you need this for now--email Pete. I'll turn this into a feature soon.


  • Using GPT3.5 Turbo for speed, testing, and debugging (GPT4 will be used for production, and is marginally better content)

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