⚕️"Rewrite" Prompts you can steal

I'm going to do a full video on these soon, but here are a few rewrite prompts you can save in your /account page--and get access to in the OAAT editor

NOTE: triple-click one of the prompts to select the entire line, then copy/paste directly into FABB.ai/account.


to be longer and more detailed

to be more "Hemingway-like." Use shorter sentences and simpler words. Avoid passive voice and adverbs, and generally make it easier to read

, but do not include any fluff in the content. Each sentence should provide value to the overall goal of the content piece. Strictly follow this guideline

to be shorter and more punchy

to include a simple bullet point list

to use shorter sentences and simpler words

to be funnier and more personable

to have better formatting. Do NOT change any of the actual content

to include a helpful table


intro to follow the AIDA copywriting framework. Don't actually use the words "Attention:", etc. Keep it natural-sounding, and really short

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