🔑Connecting your WordPress site

Application passwords, testing the connection, and more!

Let's rock and ROLLLL getting your WordPress site connected to FABB!

1 - What are application passwords?

First, check out WordPress's own documentation on them here.

"Application passwords" are a more secure, "revokable" password for 3rd party apps (like FABB, Zapier, and other apps that send content to WordPress).

(Revokable = you can easily delete/remove the application password for any reason, removing access for any tool that uses it)

It's used to access the WordPress REST API (and NOT stuff like editing your user accounts, changing passwords, etc).

Application passwords do NOT allow FABB to log in to your WordPress site!

How to create an application password:

  1. Login to your WordPress website

  2. Go to your user's profile page (the link is in the top right of your dashboard)

  3. Scroll down to the application passwords section

  4. Click "add new"

  5. Enter a name for the app password (i.e. "FABB" or something. Whatever you want)

  6. Click "generate password"

  7. Copy and paste that password into FABB (and/or store it in a safe place if you'd like, you won't be able to access this again in your WP dashboard)

It will look something like this:

y7s4 7aj2 a82j a89s

HELP! Troubleshooting

It's worth noting that several security plugins (like WordFence!) can disable the creation of application passwords.


You can absolutely use Wordfence and FABB, but you'll need to uncheck the option inside the Wordfence Settings:

Please email pete@doyouevenblog.com if you aren't able to figure it out!

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